1964 Murder of Marise Chiverella solved with DNA genealogy


The school was less than 1/2 mile from her home. She was carrying canned goods for feast day (a Catholic observance) before daily mass and class.

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The child was last seen about 8:10 am when delivered. It was noted that she was absent from class, and she never came home for lunch.

 The search started for the missing child at noon. And her body was discovered about two miles away in a coal stripping pit.

Forte was a life-long resident of Hazleton, Pennsylvania. He only lived blocks from where witnesses last saw Marise. In his lifetime he moved frequently. A few years after the murder he was charged with a violent assault against another woman who survived.

Forte, who was 22-years-old, at the time of the murder, died of natural causes in 1980.

DNA genealogy new technology

During the child’s autopsy, it was revealed she was hit on top of her head and once in the right temple. Her wrists and ankles were bound with her shoelaces and her scarf was stuffed in her mouth. She was also sexually assaulted.