2011 Cold case murder solved with DNA discovered on sweet potato 


Fans of the show may remember an episode in which a sweet potato was used as a silencer, which has sparked numerous internet demonstrations to test whether it worked. Elumba commented on this saying, “It’s an interesting fact pattern.”

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In court, Elumba said there was additional evidence placing Hampton at the scene at the time of the shooting, but she declined to comment on why it took 12 years to make the arrest. 

Prosecutors alleged that the gun used in the crime was fished out of a nearby lake. Hampton was also wearing a GPS monitor from a different crime at the time of the shooting.

Hampton is being held without bail and is scheduled to appear again in court in Barnstable County on April 5th.

This case is a reminder that justice may not come swiftly, but it can come eventually. Thanks to advancements in technology and forensic sciences using DNA, law enforcement agencies are reexamining old cases. And able to solve them with new evidence. 

Victims and their families of cold cases may find some comfort in knowing that those responsible for their loved ones’ deaths will ultimately be held accountable.