2024 Starts Off With National Human Trafficking Prevention Month


Earlier today, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody highlighted the state’s anti-human trafficking efforts. This work includes giving anti-human trafficking training to state employees, along with state officials charging and procuring sentences for perpetrators of this crime.

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In the midwest, Iowan locality Ely used the first city council gathering of 2024 to join forces with anti-human trafficking group Chains Interrupted.

At Ely’s meeting, Chains Interrupted leader Tish Young stressed the importance of parents looking after their kids. A huge part of this means awareness and mindfulness of who children come into contact with on the internet.

Young then called for parents to make sure their relationships with their kids are in a good place.

Children who get along with their parents and face problems are more likely to share what’s happening. If they don’t feeling safe enough to do this, kids are more vulnerable to predators looking to take advantage of them.

A major challenge

Helping folks who are sold by their relatives or other people pretending to love them requires consistent efforts.