Russia Hacked Ukraine’s Surveillance Cameras to Coordinate Attack on Kyiv


The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said in a post on Telegram that Russia hacked into surveillance cameras to coordinate Tuesday’s massive missile attack on Kyiv. 

The breach involved gaining control of online cameras on residential buildings, allowing Russian intelligence to spy on Ukraine’s Defense Forces and strategically plan its strikes. This marks a disturbing escalation in Russia’s aggressive actions against Ukraine.

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Russia Hacked to Coordinate Attack

The Security Service of Ukraine, in a post on Telegram, detailed how Russian intelligence gained control of two online surveillance cameras in Kyiv. 

These cameras were reportedly used to spy on air defense systems and gather information about the city’s critical infrastructure before launching the devastating attack on Tuesday. The breach reveals a calculated effort by Russia to overcome Ukraine’s defenses through a combination of drones, airstrikes, and a massive missile barrage.