Powerful Japanese Earthquakes Hit Cities, Trigger Tsunami Warnings


On Monday, powerful Japanese earthquakes left dozens dead and thousands without power. The Japan Meteorological Agency reported a staggering 21 earthquakes, with a magnitude of 4.0, or higher within just over an hour and a half.

Satellite images vividly depict the widespread destruction in cities such as Suzu and Wajima. And showcase capsized boats, decimated buildings, and massive fissures.

This seismic event, marked by a 7.6 magnitude quake, triggered tsunami warnings, causing panic and evacuations. 

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Satellite Images of Coast

The destruction is visible from space, with satellite images revealing the extent of the damage along Japan’s west coast and inner cities.

The seismic activity triggered tsunami warnings, heightening the sense of urgency. Fortunately, these warnings were eventually lifted, but not before some areas experienced significant waves.