Investigation into suspicious death onboard Carnival Sunshine


According to CruiseMapper tracking, the Carnival Sunshine departed from Charleston on February 27th and arrived in Nassau on March 1st. It is due to return to Charleston on Thursday, March 9th.

Suspicious death on a cruise ship

According to a report in the International Journal of Travel Medicine and Global Health between 2000 and 2019, there were 623 reported deaths on cruise liners.  89 percent of these were passengers.

 The most common reasons for passenger deaths were falls (either overboard or onto another deck), cardiac arrests, and suicides. 

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Meanwhile, suicide, murder, and falls were the leading causes of crew deaths. The study found that the largest proportion of deaths in the time period, 29 percent, occurred on Carnival cruise liners.

The FBI has jurisdiction to investigate potential crimes and suspicious deaths when the ship is US-owned, like the Carnival Sunshine. The FBI is also permitted to investigate if the ship is in US waters, or if it was departing or arriving in an American port.