6th Circuit Won’t Rethink $25M Crash Award Against Nissan

6th Circuit Wont Rethink $25M Crash Award Against Nissan

In a decisive move, the Sixth Circuit panel has declined to revisit its ruling against Nissan North America Inc. regarding a hefty $25 million award stemming from a fatal crash. The full court has also stood firm, refusing to entertain the matter any further.

6th Circuit Won’t Rethink $25M Crash Award Against Nissan : Panel Upholds Previous Decision

All grounds raised by Nissan in its plea for rehearing or an en banc rehearing were thoroughly addressed in the panel’s February verdict on the carmaker’s indemnification claims against Continental Automotive Systems Inc., as affirmed by a Monday order from the Sixth Circuit. The panel reaffirmed its stance, with no request for a full court rehearing, as per the order.

Misinterpretation Alleged by Nissan

Nissan contended in its petition that the panel misapplied state law in its interpretation of the record from the underlying California case, which led to the $25 million verdict. This case, brought by families of three crash victims involving a Nissan vehicle, found the brake system defective.