STUDY: Exercise Can Help Combat Insomnia


People who face insomnia regularly struggle with getting a good night’s rest. Some common symptoms of this include trouble with falling asleep, waking up throughout the night, and being unable to concentrate during your waking hours.

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Insomnia that drags on for extended time periods can be quite debilitating, wreaking havoc on every aspect of a person’s life. Sleep is critical to each individual’s overall health, their mental and emotional states, and their ability to function in the world.

Today, medicines – and even cognitive behavioral therapy – are commonly used to help people beat insomnia. Though a new study from the BMJ Open journal shows that people facing sleep problems have another remedy at their disposal.

Exercising on a regular basis can help folks with insomnia

Just yesterday, BMJ Open revealed that physical activity strongly correlates with less vulnerability to insomnia and sleep-related problems. These findings come after a study tracked people across nine European nations, documenting their sleep and exercise habits.