STUDY: Exercise Can Help Combat Insomnia


As it turns out, individuals who exercised were 55% likelier to enjoy six to nine hours of sleep each night. The information from BMJ Open also aligns with previous research showing that exercise can deter insomnia.

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Put simply, people who get regular physical activity typically enjoy a better quality of rest. This, in turn, makes them more equipped to concentrate, make decisions, and otherwise navigate the world during their waking hours.

How to make exercise a regular part of your life

Despite the well-documented benefits of exercise, not everyone is used to regular physical activity. There’s a common misconception that sweaty, three-hour gym sessions are the only path to getting your body moving. In actuality, exercise is attainable for virtually everyone.

If you’d like to make physical activity a regular part of your life, you can get started with moderate levels. Going for a walk on the trails at your neighborhood park, swimming, or even playing tennis are each great ways to introduce yourself to exercise.