$8 Mill in Refunds to Sale Slash, LLC Customers


When people clicked on the ads, they were redirected to what the FTC called “fake news websites” that had what consumers believed to be unbiased information about Sale Slash, LLC weight loss products.

Sale Slash and Affiliates Violated Spam Laws

Sale Slash was also accused of using affiliates to violate spam laws. Consumers received unsolicited emails related to the weight loss products with hyperlinked messages that sometimes included references to Oprah and redirected back to those fake news sites. The websites often included headlines such as “Insider Report: Oprah and Other Celebrities Lose 4 lbs / Week of Belly Fat With This Secret That Our Readers Can Try Now!” according to paragraph 44 of the amended complaint.

Refunds to Be Sent by FTC

The average refund sent by the FTC to consumers who were scammed by Sale Slash, LLC is $18.24. Checks must be cashed within 60 days of receipt. If you believe that you may be entitled to a refund, call the administrator of the refunds at 1-800-456-3556.