A Charging iPhone 4 Exploded while a Family of 7 Were Asleep

Footage of the iPhone 4 explosion
Footage of the iPhone 4 explosion

A charging iPhone 4 nearly caused a disaster in Ohio, after it exploded while a family was asleep. 

Brian Leisgang, his wife Jennifer, and their five kids, said that they didn’t no about the fir until the next morning when the son noticed the burns on the phone. 

Leisgang saw small pieces of the phone shattered across the kitchen countertop. The couple decided to check home video which showed that the iPhone had exploded though the fire quickly disappeared. 

“It is really scary watching that video from our kitchen because a lot of our kids sleep with this same phone charging in their bed at night or on a nightstand next to their bed,” Leisgang said.

The countertop usually is covered with their children’s “school books and homework papers,” which could’ve caught fire. The kitchen is also right below their children’s bedrooms. 

“We were extremely lucky to avoid a house fire,” Leisgang said in a Jan. 9 Facebook post of the incident. 

“There was never a mention from Apple when we purchased the product that it would be a fire hazard after so many years of use,” Leisgang said. “And to be honest, letting our kids use the phone and charge it never crossed my mind as a potential hazard.”