A Closer Look into Thanksgiving Day 2021


On behalf of USA Herald, Happy Thanksgiving, America.

The holiday season is here and 2021 is quickly coming to a close. This Thanksgiving Day, so many people are celebrating with loved ones and enjoying a hearty dinner of turkey and sides.

This year, it’s worth taking a closer look into Thanksgiving and how Americans are spending the day. For starters, there are certainly some changes from Thanksgiving in 2020.

What to know about Thanksgiving this year

Within the past week, data came out showing record numbers of folks throughout the nation are traveling in order to be with loved ones. This marks a stark contrast from last Thanksgiving when the holiday season saw a significant dip in travel.

On top of this information comes a new poll from Hill-HarrisX. This poll shows 65% of Americans hosting Thanksgiving gatherings are not going to require guests to wear face coverings or have the COVID vaccine. Only 11% of hosts will.

In another heartwarming turn, 79% of people are going to be gathered in groups with others for Thanksgiving. Just 13% of Americans polled by Hill-HarrisX said they’re spending the holiday by themselves.