US Energy Sector Facing New Attacks from Biden


It goes without saying the energy sector in America plays a pivotal role in the lives of Americans. Fuel is an important resource; yet, since the Biden administration came into power, the energy sector has faced attacks like never before.

When Biden first arrived in office, he implemented an executive order prohibiting oil and gas drilling operations on both federal lands and federal waters. However, a court order this month forced Biden to walk back this prohibition and permit drilling to recommence.

The extent of the president’s attacks against the energy sector goes further, though. Biden decimated Keystone XL pipeline earlier this year, along with the thousands of jobs attached to it.

Not only is Biden now looking to repeat this with the Line 5 pipeline; he’s also looking to make oil and gas drilling harder and more expensive overall.

Biden’s latest move against US energy independence

It’s important to remember as the 46th president attacks energy production and independence here in America, he’s giving countries like Russia the all-clear to proceed with their own pipelines.