US Energy Sector Facing New Attacks from Biden


Currently, Biden’s plan involves having the US Interior Department increase different prices and fees connected to oil and gas drilling. Meanwhile, as the president works to make energy production harder, he’s trying to make the United States dependent on OPEC.

Amid Biden’s anti-energy policies, he’s pushing the Federal Trade Commission to probe energy companies for so-called price gouging. This has many Americans unironically pointing out how the president is causing the very problems with energy he claims to oppose.

Pushback from Biden’s own party

Even Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, is calling on Biden to stop this and restore Keystone Pipeline. Manchin’s noted the extent to which resuming Keystone Pipeline operations would allow energy production here in the states.

The Democrat senator called for Biden to restore the aforementioned pipeline after Biden announced his decision to tap into America’s emergency oil supply reserved for wars and times of serious trouble.

Manchin, like other Americans, compared Biden using oil from the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a means of lowering gas costs to putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.