A21 Hosts “Walk For Freedom” to Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking


Across the world, the scourge of human trafficking continues, staining and ruining the lives of innocent people. Recent years have seen an uptick in awareness of human trafficking; however, there’s still a long road ahead.

Traffickers feed on fear and ignorance to commit their crimes against humanity. Furthermore, these predators are turning to the internet to find victims. Traffickers will often pose as friends or even romantic partners before revealing their true colors.

While much work remains in the fight to defeat human trafficking, many people and organizations are pushing day in and day out to accomplish this goal.

One of those organizations just so happens to be A21. On Saturday, A21 hosted various walks in different parts of the world to raise awareness about human trafficking.

What to know about the Walk For Freedom

Saturday’s Walk For Freedom entailed people gathering together, wearing orange and black attire, while carrying signage with details to inform people about human trafficking.