Afghanistan Crisis Could Give GOP an Edge During 2022 Midterms


Right now, the senatorial races getting the most attention from conservatives are those coming up in New Hampshire, Arizona, and Georgia. These states have a fair amount of veterans; of course, there is no doubt that the troops’ pullout and its consequences will hit home for those who have served.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee remains actively engaged in this matter as well. Recently, the committee called out leftist lawmakers who have yet to openly condemn President Biden on this matter. The NRSC declared that these Democrats are putting politics over accountability.

An oblivious president

Biden, by his own admission, does not believe the pullout from Afghanistan could have occurred in a better manner. The 46th president admitted this himself during a recent ABC News interview. Biden also downplayed the horrors of videos where Afghans hurled themselves onto departing airplanes to escape the Taliban.

The Afghanistan crisis comes on top of other problems facing the United States under Biden; just a few examples include inflation, higher crime rates, and a dilapidated U.S.-Mexico border.