Afghanistan Crisis Could Give GOP an Edge During 2022 Midterms


It is now internationally acknowledged that President Biden made a horrific call via the means by which he took American troops out of Afghanistan. This is a bipartisan view here in the United States; moreover, even U.S. allies overseas have acknowledged and condemned such an epic foreign policy blunder.

As of this writing, some Americans have gotten out of Afghanistan; however, the work of evacuating American citizens and allies from a hostile nation now dominated by the Taliban is far from over. As the fallout continues, it’s more apparent that the Afghanistan nightmare will have an impact on the 2022 midterm elections.

Many Republicans believe that this could play a pivotal role in them regaining congressional majorities from the Democrats.

Republicans on Afghanistan’s potential impact on 2022 midterm elections

GOP members are not mincing words when it comes to the ramifications of the Afghanistan troop withdrawal. Republicans maintain that this highlights the unsuccessfulness of Biden’s presidency; moreover, the everchanging stories from the White House, coupled with “general frustration” on this matter are factors too.