AI Companies Are Losing the American Public’s Trust


As artificial intelligence integrates itself into various sectors, the world is still figuring out how to manage it all.

With multiple political elections underway across the globe, tech companies have vowed to support initiatives that work against AI-generated misinformation. At the same time, the medical field, along with other industries, continues digging into the potentially beneficial effects of using AI.

Across the board, virtually everyone wants to make the most of this technology’s positive impacts while avoiding its liabilities. Though a study from earlier this week shows the American public remains largely distrustful of artificial intelligence companies.

The general consensus regarding AI companies

Findings from Edelman reveal that in 2024, only 35% of the country has confidence in these organizations. Positive public sentiment has been on the decline for quite some time, anyway. Around the world, only 53% of people trust AI companies; that number used to stand at 61%.

Edelman has thoughts on this. According to the public relations firm, people remain universally concerned about AI lacking necessary regulations, hurting human workers, and trampling on privacy rights. Polling has also shown that many Americans favor implementing AI ordinances to keep the technology from spiraling out of control.