Airbnb is a Good Long-Term Buy Says Wells Fargo’s Analyst

Airbnb house by Unsplash
Airbnb house by Unsplash

As the earnings season comes close, investors are keeping an eye on the second half of 2021 to make a bet on the winning stocks and Airbnb is one of the rising stars according to analysts.

After the highly infectious Covid-19 variant appeared, lockdowns unexpectedly appeared again, turning the table on several stocks including the airline and tech industry. This is has caused a shift to e-commerce and spiked a change in consummatory behavior. This followed the stress that the Covid-19 has caused on the finances of people across the globe.

These factors highly contributed to the affection of consumers’ financial future, which became unpredictable as stock market analysts described it. However, investors believe that the stock market will soon revive again. Analysts believe that Airbnb will be one of the few stocks that will rise exponentially. 

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The near future of Airbnb

Vaccination is rolling out at a fast pace across the globe. Consequently, people would want to spend some time of relief in one of Airbnb’s listed houses. Analysts believe that the strong second-quarter earnings beat is a good indicator.