Alabama Judge Denies Safa Goods Lawsuit Over Unpaid Invoices

Alabama judge denies safa goods lawsuit

In a dramatic turn of events, an Alabama federal judge, Annemarie Carney Axon, has slammed the brakes on Safa Goods LLC‘s pursuit of justice, denying their bid for summary judgment against Perfect Wholesale Inc. The vape distributor claimed Perfect Wholesale failed to settle invoices totaling over $100,000 for delivered products, but Judge Axon ruled there are lingering factual disputes that demand resolution.

Unresolved Questions Cloud the Legal Battlefield

The order, issued on Tuesday, highlights a plethora of unresolved issues, leaving the legal battlefield shrouded in perplexity. Among the contentious matters are whether the invoices constitute valid contracts, whether Safa fulfilled its obligations, whether Perfect Wholesale accepted the delivered goods, and whether the contract prices were firmly established.

Judge Axon, in a concise statement, provided no additional insights into her decision to thwart Safa Goods’ push for a summary judgment, adding an air of mystery to the unfolding legal drama.

Alabama Judge Denies Safa Goods Lawsuit : Safa Goods’ Allegations Unravel

Safa Goods initiated the legal onslaught against Perfect Wholesale in August, alleging the wholesale giant owed a staggering $158,745 for goods shipped between October and December 2021. Despite Safa extending a $55,200 credit to Perfect Wholesale in February 2022, the wholesaler allegedly still owed $103,545 as of that date and failed to respond to a demand letter.