American Airlines Glitch Leaves Thousands of Flights Without Pilots


These days, US airlines are running into various problems that more and more travelers are losing patience with. The ongoing slog that has thousands of cancelled and delayed flights is a prime example.

Many people who are going through airports with connecting flights continue to feel the worst sting from these sorts of issues.

Anger with airlines remains on the rise as a result of all this chaos. Travelers’ view is that airlines should be able to make the necessary arrangements to avoid ongoing travel disruptions.

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Unfortunately, a recent glitch with American Airlines only added to the troubles that travelers face with aviation these days.

Everything to know about the latest American Airlines glitch

The glitch in question essentially let pilots drop flights to the tune of 12,000 for this month. Therefore, it created a situation where thousands upon thousands of American Airlines flights lacked pilots, first officers, or captains.

However, American Airlines claims to have rectified the issue. In a statement, the top airline confirmed that flights directly affected by this glitch are back to normal. Furthermore, American Airlines said this system error won’t impede flight operations.