Americans Will Spend the Most Money on Black Friday

Americans will spend the most money shopping on Black Friday

In a study of global Black Friday spending habits, Americans will spend the most. Americans will spend $515 each (on average) this Black Friday.  That’s according to Black Friday Global, who surveyed 12,000 people across 55 countries asking all types of questions regarding Black Friday.

According to Black Friday Global, consumers in the USA will spend the most cash on Black Friday.

The report suggests that Americans will spend the most money because Black Friday is traditionally an American “holiday”. Super sales the day after Thanksgiving started in the United States, but over the past few years this shopping day has gained popularity in other countries as well. Although many other nations have Black Friday sales, it’s still the most popular in the good ole’ US of A. In fact, 100 percent of people who took the survey here in America know what Black Friday is, and 75 percent of respondents plan to participate in the shopping. The same cannot be said for the 54 other countries surveyed around the globe.