America’s Legal Bubble Is About To Pop – Now What?


I let Matt go on for about 10 minutes on his pitch, remaining completely silent the entire time.  When he finished speaking he said  “so, Paul, so what to you think of that?

My response was simple:

“No to monthly retainer.   Yes to contingency.”

That’s when Matt’s true colors came out, which became clear that he wasn’t interested in the contingency case at all, instead he wanted to close a deal where he would make $60,000.00 a year for filing a bunch of papers that would take me as a layman 20-30 hours maximum, or him 15-20 hours max.

Once he finished his last “pitch” effort at convincing me, I told him the answer was a firm NO for his “monthly” retainer.   When Matt realized that he wasn’t going to make $60k a year off this deal plus the $150k+ in contingency payments, he finally came out with the truth:  “Sorry Paul, I just can’t take the case on.  I have to get compensated for my time.”

Sorry Matthew…you’re not going to scam me into your bullshit monthly retainer.   Time to move on to the next sucker.