Andrew Tate Sees New Assets Seized in Human Trafficking Probe


The next of Tate’s assets to go is a Bugatti stashed in Dubai and worth nearly five million pounds. Romanian officials have already contacted Dubai authorities, requesting that their government transport the car to Romania.

There’s more, though. Tate is likewise believed to have assets in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Romanian officials are looking into impounding these materials as well.

Should Tate and/or his brother be charged, authorities in Bucharest will determine the amount of damages owed. From here, the funds will be taken from the cash and other assets of the Tates collected by the government.

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More to come?

It is highly unlikely that Romania would be working to confiscate Tate’s assets overseas without good reason. Therefore, it is safe to say this isn’t the last we’ll hear of his case.

As this month progresses, more will be revealed about whether or not the Tates’ detainment sees a third extension. Updates about additional asset seizures, potential charges, and further information will also come in time.