Animal rain falls in Texarkana


On December 29th  after heavy storms moved through Texarkana, Texas skies opened up. And it rained down fish all over town. And scientists claim this is another case of animal rain.

So don’t worry if it’s raining cats and dogs. It’s more likely to be raining fish and frogs.

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Animal Rain rare phenomenon

The National Geographic Resource Library describes animal rain as a real weather phenomenon. It occurs when small animals get swept up in updrafts and waterspouts. And then they fall to Earth with raindrops. Animal rains of birds, bats, fish, snakes, and frogs have been reported for centuries.  

Modern-day meteorologists claim that animal rain occurs when active storm clouds swirl above a large body of water. A tornado-like whirlwind or vortex forms. And it dips into the ocean, lake, or pond. The clouds shaped like waterspouts can travel over 100 miles per hour.  And they can pull small objects into them. Water, along with pebbles, fish, and other small aquatic animals can be funneled up into the cloud.