Animal Rescue Konsortium of Deland, FL Trains Emotional Support Animals For People In Need


If a doctor determines that a patient benefits from the companionship of an emotional support animal, they usually write letters promoting that the patient has rights to keep their animal in “no pets” housing. The letter also advocates for the person to travel with the animal in the cabin of an aircraft.

Does ARK Train Emotional Support Animals?

Traditionally, Emotional Support Animals are not task trained like service dogs are, however, ARK provides all dogs with extensive behavioral training before they are placed with a companion. The Emotional Support Dogs at ARK are thoroughly screened before placement with an individual who qualifies to own an Emotional Support Animal.

Maggi Hall is very proud of the current training program at ARK for Emotional Support Animals,

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Our current trainer, Jose D’Roman is one of the best we have seen. He is truly a dog whisperer. ARK has pre-acceptance tests where dogs are exposed to numerous tests and scenarios. They are evaluated based on a standard developed over the last 25 years of dog behavior studies.

Many people have benefited from this program and the work of Maggi Hall. ARK is saving the lives of animals and helping people with mental impairments live happier lives. ARK reports that Emotional Support Animals lower cholesterol, blood pressure, triglyceride, reduced stress levels, reduce feelings of loneliness, increases activity, and more opportunities for socialization in people with mental impairments.

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