Too Many Choices

This story is brought to you by Dr. Keith Kanner via the USA Herald Platform

I certainly wouldn’t want to be a teenager these days, would you? It’s hard enough for a teen to try to figure out who “they are” within a constant changing body and mind, all of which is part of normal development. But, in the past two decades the amount of personal choices a teen can choose from increases each and everyday. It is possible that too many choices might not be such a good thing?

Well, that’s what science teaches us. Remember the old adage “too many cooks spoil the soup”? Well, that has always been a metaphor for what science has always taught us. Too much or too little of anything leads to some sort of problem or deficiency. Moderation is best.

If we apply this knowledge to the vast choices the children of millennium face, it blows your socks off. And, in a contemporary culture where individualism is the current vibe, no wonder why we have the highest rate of teenage depression and suicide in the past two decades.

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