Animal Species Extinction: Anthropocene Defaunation Event 


The report “More losers than winners: investigating Anthropocene defaunation through the diversity of population trends” was published in the online Biological Reviews. It explains that nearly half of the planet’s animal species declining. 

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Anthropocene Defaunation is defined as the current age destruction or loss of animal life in a region or habitat.

According to the study, “The global-scale decline of animal biodiversity (‘defaunation’) represents one of the most alarming consequences of human impacts on the planet. “

When evaluating the IUCN Red List of conservation categories assigned to each species, a quarter of the world’s animal species are impacted. And are threatened with extinction. Currently, “~1% have been declared extinct.”

“However, extinctions are preceded by progressive population declines through time that leaves demographic ‘footprints’ that can alert us about the trajectories of species towards extinction.” the report claims.

Anthropocene Defaunation

The world we live in is facing a pressing issue – an extinction event, where species are disappearing at an alarming rate. They are being lost faster than they can be replaced.