Another Suspicious Legal Filing To Scrub Negative Articles From Google – Attorney Daniel Warner On Behalf Of Mike Meisenbach


In 2014, Case# CV2014-000834, Attorney Daniel Warner filed a complaint on behalf of Mike Meisenbach and received a permanent injunction order to remove this negative article from Google The details of the notice to Google can be found here:

The poster of the above link has the screen name “MerryMisslissie” and in the post MerryMisslissie clearly states “I also had a post about him that mysteriously disappeared sometime over the last year or so.”

In the post it is clear that MerryMisslissie is confounded as to how posts are disappearing about Mike Meisenbach as she claims to have had important public alerts up about Mike Meisenbach alleged sex assaults.



**Update 7-24-17**

Careful readers will notice that these 3 links are involved in both cases below, which leads us to wonder who was responsible, Jill Riva or Amanda Brooks for the content on these links.