Antisemitism on the Rise Amid Hamas’ Attack Against Israel


Earlier this month, Israel was invaded by the terrorist group known as Hamas. Ever since October 7, Israel’s found itself on the receiving end of airstrikes, in addition to its civilians being kidnapped, tortured, and executed.

While the Western world has collectively rallied around the country, there are pockets of individuals within the West who do not support Israel. Some of these folks believe the ongoing onslaught against the Middle Eastern nation is “liberation” for Palestinian individuals.

Some people with anti-Israel sentiment have even gone as far as ripping down posters of missing Jews and openly professing their love for Hamas. To make matters even worse, increasing incidents of Jewish individuals being threatened, attacked, and terrorized continue to take place.

A closer look at the details

Around the world, virtually everyone has seen various protests, many of them violent, happening in support of Palestine. Though the situation is much deeper than rowdy demonstrators getting out of hand on occasion.