Apple Watch Import Ban Put On Hold By Fed. Circ.

Apple Watch Import Ban Put On Hold

In a dramatic turn of events, the Federal Circuit has intervened to temporarily halt the U.S. International Trade Commission’s (ITC) ruling that imposed a ban on Apple Watch imports. This decision comes amidst a heated patent dispute with Masimo Corp.

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Emergency Stay Granted Amidst Intense Legal Battle

In response to an emergency motion filed by Apple, the appeals court swiftly granted a stay of the exclusion order. The ban, which went into effect on Tuesday after the Biden administration chose not to intervene, raised serious concerns for Apple. The tech giant urgently appealed to the Federal Circuit, requesting a suspension of the import ban while it challenges the ITC’s decision.

Apple Watch Import Ban Put On Hold : Critical Timeline Unfolding

The Federal Circuit has directed the ITC to submit a brief in opposition by January 10th, with Apple required to respond by January 15th. This timeline sets the stage for a high-stakes legal battle, and the temporary stay will persist at least through this crucial period.

Resurrection of Apple Watch Sales

This strategic move by the Federal Circuit has an immediate impact on Apple’s ability to import and sell its latest Apple Watch models. Notably, these models feature a blood oxygen measurement function that the ITC deemed to infringe upon two Masimo patents.