Five Matters to Keep an Eye on in 2024


2023 has been an eventful year, to say the least. From geopolitical affairs to evolving trends and more, the world is undergoing so many changes at the same time. Rapid and intense shifts have subsequently left people wondering where they fit in and how they should proceed.

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As 2024 gets closer, there are five essential matters that all Americans should be paying attention to…

Remote work

More people (and companies) are changing how and where they work, along with the factors that go into hiring decisions. This year’s Freelance Forward survey from Upwork documents an expansion in the number of freelancers, along with freelancers’ collective contributions to the labor market.

This comes on the heels of numerous reports indicating that job seekers want more work-life balance and flexibility, both feats made possible by remote work. Further gains come 2024 are all but a shoo-in.

The 2024 presidential election

Given the existing state of US political affairs, next year’s presidential race will potentially be one of the most impactful elections. Right now, it remains to be seen if new candidates make it to the general, if President Biden will get a challenger who isn’t named Trump, or if 2024 will simply come down to a rehash of 2020.