Archaeologists discover 6,000-year-old skull in Xiaoma Caves


A paper, published on October 4th in World Archaeology, details exciting finds in the Xiaoma Caves in Taiwan. A 6,000-year-old skull and leg bones prove the existence of an ancient Indigenous people in Taiwan.

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The research paper was titled “Negritos in Taiwan and the wider prehistory of Southeast Asia: new discovery from the Xiaoma Caves.” And was compiled by an archeological research team. The team had researchers from Australia, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Local legends confirmed

The skull and femur bones along with some other artifacts prove the stories passed down through generations of Taiwanese are true. This is the first real proof that an ancient tribe of short, dark-skinned people that lived in the Xiaoma Caves region of the islands.

It had long been speculated that there were Indigenous Southeast Asians known as “Negritos” in northern Luzon. This study resolves the pre-recorded history mystery of the ‘little black people’ that once lived amongst the Formosan Austronesian tribes.