Arizona GOP Candidate Shares Stark Warning for Conservatives


The 2022 midterm elections are still more than a year away; however, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot riding on them. The congressional races will determine which party controls Congress for the second half of Biden’s term in the White House. They’ll also play a role in what direction our nation goes in.

The GOP and Democrats are both eager to win the midterms. However, the Democrats have a lot of strikes against them. The mounting increase of lawlessness and inflation are just a few instances; the same applies to the increasing exasperation with President Biden’s leadership.

Republicans are fighting to earn wins in the midterms; however, one GOP candidate running for a Senate seat in Arizona wants Republicans to understand something important.

The message from GOP candidate Blake Masters

Blake Masters is a venture capitalist turned Republican candidate in Arizona. Masters sat down for an interview with Fox News over the weekend; during this time, Masters detailed the significance of the upcoming elections for the Republican Party.