Arizona Senate Race: McSally and Sinema in Tight Race to Replace Flake


The poll indicated that McSally’s strongest supporters are those who support the president (86 percent ), men (53 percent), and whites without a college degree (53 percent).

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 Arizona voters have a higher positive perception on Sinema than McSally

According to the survey, Sinema has a higher overall favorability rating than McSally.

Forty six percent of Arizona’s likely voters have a positive view while 33 percent have negative perception of the Democratic candidate.

On the other hand, 40 percent of likely voters have favorable view and 40 percent have unfavorable view of the GOP candidate.

Sinema’s strongest supporters are those under 30 years old (66 percent), whites with college degree (54 percent), latino (54 percent), women (53 percent), and independents (52 percent).

The Democratic Party is optimistic that Sinema will win the senate race in Arizona even if they haven’t won the seat in the state since 1988.

A majority of likely voters (52 percent) in the state said they will vote for Democrats to serve as a check and balance on Trump. Thirty eight percent said they will vote for Republicans to help the president achieve his agenda.