AstraZeneca Halted in 8 Countries — Concerned that Shots Cause Blood Clots

AstraZeneca vaccine shots
AstraZeneca vaccine shots

Eight countries have now suspended the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine over fears of blood clots. Several health authorities have halted giving AstraZeneca shots and plan to investigate whether the vaccine can potentially lead to forming clots in the blood of receivers. Nevertheless, the pharmaceutical company seems to insist that its vaccine is safe.

As of this writing 8 countries have stopped using AstraZeneca shots. Countries include Indonesia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Bulgaria, and finally Germany. The decision came after concerns were raised that the vaccine can lead to collateral damage on the health of shots’ receivers.

The pharmaceutical company said in a statement, Sunday, that there is no evidence that its vaccine shots can lead to blood clots. The company argued that it had already reviewed safety data from over 17 million people who received the vaccine in the United Kingdom and Europe and only found few clot-related effects. It added that it’s normal to have few clot-linked cases in a group of that size.