Astrolab Jeep-sized Flex rover carried by Starship will be on the Moon in 2026


Once completed, the Flex rover can carry two astronauts and cargo across the lunar surface at speeds of up to 24 kilometers per hour (15mph). And it will perform robotic arm operations.

Astrolab Flex rover made for the moon

Astrolab’s CEO, Jaret Matthews, stated, “We’ve created a logistics system that can accommodate a wide variety of cargo. We expect that this approach will help establish a permanent lunar outpost on the Moon, at a lower cost, and in less time than previously envisioned.”

The collaboration between Astrolab and SpaceX is aimed at developing sustainable outposts on the Moon and Mars for research and exploration purposes. 

Tom Ochinero, Senior Vice President within SpaceX’s commercial division, stated, “Starship is designed to transport large amounts of cargo, including rovers, to the Moon and Mars for research and exploration… Developing sustainable outposts will require lunar logistics and transportation on the surface of the Moon, like what Astrolab offers. We look forward to working with the Astrolab team to deliver their Flex Rover to the surface of the Moon.”