Authentic Brands CEO touts $1 billion liquidity, plans mall revival


Far from dead in the water, Salter argues that “The mall is still important to building brand value on a global basis.”

Indeed, Salter feels that Sparc is the perfect partnership with Simon’s in-depth understanding of lease negotiation and real estate and Authentic Brands’ background in licensing and supply chains.

The Sparc venture originally came to fruition following Authentic Brands’ purchase of Aeropostale, Sparc CEO Marc Miller explains.

“We see ourselves becoming the world’s leading brand operator,” said Miller, who is also the previous CEO for Aeropostale.

For the last two decades, Americans have watched their malls enter into a precipitous decline. Retail brands like J. Crew, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, and others have opted to not renew their leases at certain locations due to less mallgoers and declining sales.

Amazon too has a huge role to play in the decline of American retail with their revolutionary e-commerce model that offers same-day shipping, easy returns, and most importantly — convenience.