Avoid Burnout During Extended Travel Periods


Travel is becoming an increasingly relevant part of many individuals’ lives, with more travelers now reserving longer-term Airbnb stays than in years past. People are also embracing the remote work and digital nomad lifestyles that allow them to take their careers around the world with them.

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Make no mistake: traveling can be wonderful. Studies show that travel expands your mind, forces you to think in broader ways, and can even benefit your immune system. Being in new environments automatically gets you out of your comfort zone and introduces you to novelty.

However, there are still certain travel pitfalls that people should be aware of as they journey out to see the world. At the top of the list is burnout; though three simple actions will ensure you sidestep this.

Don’t try to schedule every single day

When you’re traveling to a new place, it’s natural to be excited. People understandably want to see and explore as much of a different area as possible. Though taking this to the extreme can not only trigger burnout; it can also rob you of truly getting to enjoy and process all that surrounds you.