CHIPS Act: Samsung Secures $6.4 Billion Grant to Fortify Semiconductor Ecosystem in Texas


In a move that will bolster domestic semiconductor production, Samsung secured a $6.4 billion grant under the CHIPS Act, marking a pivotal step towards reinforcing America’s technological independence. 

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Enacted in 2022, the CHIPS and Science Act serves as a catalyst for encouraging homegrown innovation and production in the semiconductor realm.

This funding comes in the wake of Samsung’s commitment to inject a staggering $44 billion in investment into Texas, with plans to nurture a thriving semiconductor ecosystem within the state.

Announcement of the grant underscores the need for a strategic agenda to invigorate domestic semiconductor research and manufacturing. The funds will steer the nation away from dependence on overseas suppliers, particularly in China. The allocated funds are earmarked for propelling Samsung’s ambitious plans in Taylor, Texas, where the company is poised to establish a cutting-edge campus.