Fortnite Game Maker Takes on Google: Epic Games Wants Open Play Store


The Fortnite game maker, Epic Games, emerged victorious in its antitrust case against Google last December. This marked a significant win in the ongoing battle for fair competition.

U.S. District Judge James Donato in San Francisco, found Google guilty of abusing its dominant position as the gatekeeper of apps on the Android platform. The judge claimed Google’s anti-competitive practices with gaming companies and device manufacturers created a monopoly on in-app billing and app distribution.

Google in a separate action agreed to pay $700 million to resolve state and consumer allegations over roadblocks and restrictions to its Play Store.

Fortnite Game Maker 

North Carolina-based Epic Games, 40% is backed by China’s Tencent, with Disney owning 10%. Fortnite is perhaps the company’s most popular game. It is a cross-platform enabled and now free-to-play.

The company continues spearheading the charge for greater competition in the Play Store ecosystem.

Epic Games’ proposal for a permanent injunction against Google is a pivotal moment in this legal saga.