Fortnite Game Maker Takes on Google: Epic Games Wants Open Play Store


The proposed remedies seek to overhaul the Play Store landscape, advocating for user freedom and limiting Google’s control over app preloading. 

Central to Epic’s demands is the desire to bring its Epic Games Store to Android without unnecessary delays or barriers.

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The proposed injunction details three key remedies:

  • Open App Downloads: Epic contends that users should have the freedom to download apps from any source, mirroring the accessibility of desktop platforms. This would allow for seamless app acquisition from various app stores or the web, diminishing Google’s stranglehold on app distribution.
  • Developer and Consumer Control: Epic emphasizes the importance of granting developers and consumers greater autonomy in in-app purchases, free from anticompetitive fees and restrictions. This move aims to foster a more competitive and consumer-friendly environment within the Play Store ecosystem.
  • Restrict Google’s Influence: Epic seeks to curtail Google’s ability to strike exclusive agreements with device manufacturers, thereby limiting the preloading of competing app stores. This measure aims to level the playing field and promote fair competition among app distributors.

Google is pushing back against Epic’s proposals, arguing that Epic seeks the benefits of the Play Store without bearing the associated costs. Google maintains that Android is an open platform facing fierce competition, both from Apple and other rivals.