Barbie Movie Faces International Ban Over “nine-dash-line” Disputed Map Scene


Lawmakers in the Philippines have also expressed their disapproval and hinted at the possibility of following suit in limiting the movie’s reach.

 Senator Francis T

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olentino emphasized the importance of protecting Philippine sovereignty and urged the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board to take action.

The disputed map scene in the Barbie movie revolves around the infamous “nine-dash line,” which represents China’s expansive claim over a significant portion of the South China Sea. 

This claim is contested by several countries, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

An international tribunal at The Hague previously ruled against China’s claim, deeming it illegal. However, Beijing dismissed the ruling and maintains its position on the issue.

Despite the controversy, excitement for the Barbie movie remains high. Fans eagerly await the release, hoping the bans will be lifted in the affected countries. 

The movie’s plot follows Barbie as she ventures beyond Barbieland into the Real World, embarking on an exciting adventure. And Rolling Stone said that with Greta Gerwig, “the Brain Behind Barbie” at the helm the Barbie movie promises to be a summer blockbuster.