Would Bernie Sanders Have Beaten Donald Trump In A General Election?


New reports from The Hill assert that Bernie Sanders would have beaten President Trump in a general election.

A Hypothetical Sanders v. Trump

On Monday, Harvard University’s Tony Fabrizio shared his thoughts on how a Sanders v. Trump general election would have turned out. They read as follows:

There’s no question that if it had been anybody other than Clinton or anybody other than Trump, that race would not have been as close as it was either way. It would not have been.

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I think Sanders beats Trump. I think Sanders would have had the ability to reach a lot of the less than college-educated, low-income white voters.

The American People on Sanders v. Trump

Theories about the potential outcome of Sanders v. Trump have existed for quite some time. During the primary season of the 2016 election, nearly every poll showed Sanders beating Trump by massive amounts. However, these same polls depicted Clinton beating Trump, but with smaller margins.

Many conservatives have noted the irony of the DNC colluding with Clinton to essentially cheat Sanders out of winning the nomination. Many have also stated that the Democrats were ironically their own undoing. This assertion is founded on the belief that Sanders would have defeated Trump in the general election, had the Democratic nomination not been granted to Clinton.