Bernie Sanders: Biden Too “Weak” to Beat Trump!


Over the course of the 2020 presidential election, Democrat candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden have clashed with one another. Despite sharing a similar audience of working-class Democrats, Sanders and Biden harbor different outlook on the future and direction of the Democrat Party.

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For instance, Sanders’ support for socialist policies and progressivism is a given. The 2020 candidate places more value on “bold change” and “structural reform” rather than electability. Biden, on the other hand, has an interest in at least creating the appearance of willingness to work with the other side.

Days ago, Biden made headlines after stating that he’d consider a GOP running mate if he wins the nomination; not long afterward, Sanders quickly came out, stating that he wouldn’t select a Republican running mate, in the event he secures the Democrat Party’s nomination.

Now, Sanders is taking aim at the former vice president once again; apparently, the Democratic-socialist believes that Biden’s record is too “weak” to defeat President Trump.

Why Doesn’t Sanders Have Faith in Biden’s Record?

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders’ interview with The Washington Post officially published for Americans to read.