Marianne Williamson: My Campaign “Tells the Heart’s Truth!”


With the new year came speculations that self-help guru and 2020 Democrat Marianne Williamson would end her candidacy for president of the United States. These speculations did not come without merit; over the course of Williamson’s time as a candidate, she’s failed to gain real momentum.

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At a national level, the self-help guru is polling at below 1%. Moreover, she has not attended several Democrat debates due to her failure to meet the DNC’s thresholds.

Still, in spite of the aforementioned details, Williamson maintains that she’s very much a candidate. On Thursday and via Twitter, the 2020 Democrat released a link to her website statement regarding her campaign.

Reviewing Williamson’s Statement on Her Candidacy in the 2020 Election

Williamson’s official statement began by her noting her thankfulness for campaign contributions; she also explained that these contributions subsequently allowed her to pay down debts which she’s accumulated since running for office. Still, this wasn’t enough for the self-help guru to maintain the salaries of folks who worked for her campaign.