Kaepernick Accuses America of “Terrorist Attacks” Against People of Color


Last week, President Trump ordered a strike which ultimately prompted the death of Qassem Solemani, an Iranian general and known terrorist. Reactions to the strike and Solemani’s death are diverse and varied, to say the least.

Many folks in America lauded the president for the strike, noting Solemani’s war crimes and murder against countless Americans. Others took issue with the strike, stating that it could trigger war with Iran, thus placing lives of military members in peril.

However, former football player Colin Kaepernick took matters in an entirely different direction. Over the weekend, Kaepernick took to Twitter, accusing America of “terrorist attacks” against brown and black people.

A Closer Look at Kaepernick’s Perception of the United States

In the former football player’s tweets, he painted America as this dark, evil, and oppressive place that loathes racial minorities. He stated that there was “nothing new” about the United States supposedly “terrorizing” non-white folks. Kaepernick then claimed that the nation’s alleged “terrorist attacks” against people of color occur for the sake of expanding American “imperialism.”

See for yourself:

This take on the execution of a known terrorist prompted considerable backlash. Many Twitter users responded to Kaepernick, noting Solemani’s crimes against folks of all colors and races, including black and brown Americans. Others questioned why the former football player chose to defend a known terrorist.

The post about so-called “American terrorist attacks” did not mark the end of Kaepernick’s commentary. He then proceeded with additional statements in another tweet; in his follow-up remarks, the former football player went after the folks who serve in America’s military. Per his own admission, Kaepernick believes that military officials are just tools used to harm “the non-white world.”

Like the former tweet, this take also engendered some very strong pushback. More Twitter users came out, noting the opportunities which America has afforded Kaepernick. Then, others slammed the ex-football player for selective outrage and all-out hatred of the United States.

In their own words:

Since yesterday’s tweets, Kaepernick hasn’t shared any new statements. However, in the eyes of many Americans, he’s said quite enough already. Despite Kaepernick’s views on the United States or the military, Qassem Solemani is still dead.

In the wake of the terrorist’s demise, President Trump has warned Iran to watch their threats. Trump moreover maintains that if Iran attacks America in any way, they’ll be hit “very fast and very hard.”