Bernie Sanders Wants Single Payer “Medicare For All.”


The flaws of a single payer healthcare system are plentiful and well known. Over the years, many people have spoken out and expressed their aversion to universal healthcare. However, none of this matters to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. In September 2017, Sanders will be introducing his own version of single payer healthcare, as reported by The Hill.

“Medicare For All”

Despite the plethora of flaws attached to single payer healthcare, Sanders is presenting “Medicare For All” to Congress when they resume their posts next month.

If we pass this thing, it’s not going to be tomorrow, it would be the most significant step forward legislatively since I suspect the creation of Social Security in the 1930s. It’s a big deal,” Sanders says of his upcoming bill.

Senator Sanders’ refusal to take the massive flaws of single payer healthcare into account is unfortunate. As noted by Vittana, under universal healthcare, several things occur. For starters, the funds for single payer inevitably come from the pockets of the American people. This means higher taxes but that’s the dirty little secret Democrats will never tell. Nothing in life is ever free. Someone always foots the bill.

Flaws of Single Payer Healthcare

The quality of single payer healthcare is atrocious. As proven by the single payer systems in Canada and the United Kingdom, universal healthcare is often accompanied with absurd waiting periods, as long as up to six months. Such an extensive length of time could mean the difference between life and death for some people. What good is “free healthcare for all” if the quality is poor and people die before they can be treated?

Single payer healthcare systems also do absolutely nothing to fix the dearth of doctors to treat patients. Unfortunately, needy patients vastly outweigh the amount of available physicians and this pattern is expected to worsen as time passes. In fact, the enactment of universal healthcare will likely engender the scarcity of doctors to compound. Under a single payer healthcare system, all doctors are essentially paid the same amount, which kills motivation and makes people less likely to enter the medical field.

Will It Pass?

Despite the upcoming introduction of Medicare For All, it will not come to fruition. Senator Sanders knows this, as does everyone else. For starters, Congress is controlled by the Republican Party. The likelihood of the GOP collectively voting in favor of universal healthcare is unlikely. Furthermore, even if Republicans were to shock everyone and cast their votes in favor of Medicare For All, President Trump would veto the bill within seconds.