BetterHelp Accused of Sharing Customers’ Sensitive Data


Nevertheless, the Bureau of Consumer Protection of the FTC tells a very different story. According to bureau director Samuel Levine, BetterHelp engaged in the “illegal exploitation” of customers’ data. Levine furthermore reiterated that the FTC maintains its commitment to shielding consumers from this type of malpractice.

It remains to be seen if these reports have negative impacts on the BetterHelp brand. When customers sign up for counseling or therapy with this service, they receive assurance that their sensitive information will be used for no other purpose than providing mental health services.

According to the FTC, BetterHelp let various social media companies have access to customers’ data to aid the latter’s advertisement efforts. The FTC likewise maintains that in 2020, BetterHelp lied to customers amid refuting news sources that claimed the company granted third parties access to customers’ data.

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In a statement, BetterHelp declared it is more than happy to abide by “new precedents” pertaining to consumer marketing. The $7.8 million settlement the company agreed to amid butting heads with the FTC will go towards limited refunds for some of its customers.