Biden Administration: Is Controversial Palestinian Aid Funding Terrorism?


President Joe Biden’s decision to reinstate aid programs for Palestinians that the Trump administration had frozen has come under scrutiny. And it is suspected the Biden Administration has been indirectly funding terrorism.

Questions surround how Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization controlling the Gaza Strip, obtained the resources to launch an attack on Israel. 

The Biden administration has committed to providing hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Palestinians. This policy reversed the previous administration’s stance, which had severely reduced aid due to concerns about Hamas’s influence.

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The resumption of U.S. aid to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank has raised concerns about whether it inadvertently supports organizations associated with terrorism. This concern escalated when Hamas fighters initiated a surprise incursion into Israel, resulting in the tragic death of over 1,200 Israelis, primarily civilians.

Biden Administration Funding Terrorism?

Prior to the attack, a watchdog from the Biden administration issued a warning about the lack of transparency surrounding the aid influx, initiated when President Biden took office in 2021.